Risk Management

HARCO assists customers with their risk management needs.  It is not enough to merely have insurance coverage.  Too many claims can cause your rates to increase and possibly result in the loss of coverage, leaving your personal needs or business vulnerable to serious financial peril.  Because of this, HARCO diligently evaluates your areas of risk and provides recommendations for eliminating or minimizing these risks.

Our HARCO team is ready to work with you on your risk management and insurance policy needs. We offer the following:

  • Communication is a vital part of our ‘Something of Value’ service.  The open line of communication we have with our customers helps us learn from them the risks that may arise so we can help our customers protect what matters most to them.
  • We provide a complete TEAM approach to the servicing and management of our customers’ programs.  Our entire staff of professionals is prepared to exceed your expectations with their skills, and most importantly, their attitude!
  • We assist our customers with the analysis and identification of hazards to formulate solutions that are structured for the individual needs of our customers.
  • Risk analysis at HARCO includes identifying and evaluating risk, exposures to risk and methods of handling risk.
  • Claims review, the process of identifying and evaluating loss, often provides insight as to how to minimize or eliminate the hazards that cause losses.  This review is available quarterly, semi-annually or annually as desired or needed.
  • We will offer a customized insurance plan to meet your specific needs, risks and exposures.
  • We market your insurance program to select the insurance company or companies best suited to your specific business, industry and service standards requirement.
  • We help you review your operation to determine the best methods to reduce the risk of potential accidents or loss.    This reduction of exposure to accidents or loss improves the overall safety conditions for employees of the business and could result in lower overall insurance costs.
  • We assist with prompt, fair claims settlement in the event of a loss.  We are your liaison with the insurance carrier making sure your needs are being satisfied.
  • We review your insurance program on an annual basis, or more frequently if desired, enabling us to adjust your program when changes arise.
  • Loss Control Services / Safety Management Services are also provided by the preferred insurance carriers HARCO works with on insurance programs and solutions.  These include personal loss control visits, safety awareness programs, safety videos, driver training programs, guides to establishing safety award programs, and other specialized assistance.  These insurance carrier products and services are available to our customers upon request.

Consulting Services – Public Entities

HARCO provides consulting services to the board of directors for many Houston-area Municipal Utility Districts.  These services include the review and assistance in placing the necessary insurance program, bonds and accident insurance.   Our consultants are available to meet with the board for coverage review, coverage recommendations, analyzing claim experience and overall consulting on the risk management of the district.

Risk Management/Consulting Services – Freight Forwarders/Cargo

HARCO provides risk management and consulting services to the freight forwarders industry.  Our program provides competitive pricing and customized coverage to those who qualify.  The web-based cargo certificate/reporting method available makes the customer’s task of issuing and tracking certificates much more efficient.
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